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Ways to Make Your Residence Harmless

Make Your Apartment Home Safe

Living in an apartment can pose some unique situations that can make you vulnerable to dangers that you should be prepared for. In an apartment complex, your neighbors are incredibly close and one small mistake like them leaving their stove or iron on could mean you losing everything that you own. There are a few things that you can do to make your apartment home as safe as possible. The very first thing is to get a renters insurance policy. This can not be stressed enough. Living in an apartment opens you up to water damage from a careless neighbor, fire and other situations could harm you or your property. Protect yourself with the comfort and security of a renters insurance policy.

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Another thing is to make sure your maintenance people are doing as much as they can for you. They should periodically check the fire extinguishers. You are responsible for the batteries in your smoke detector so make sure you are up on that. One thing that you should have taken care of immediately are any issues with stuck windows. A stuck window could mean life or death in a fire situation. Make sure that all windows and doors are operational.

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Develop an escape plan. Without one, you could lose valuable life saving minutes scurrying around the apartment. Plan it out and share it with anyone that inhabits the apartment.

If your apartment comes with a security alarm, opt in for the service. The few dollars that you would spend a month could protect you, your loved ones and your property from thieves or worse. If it is a choice betwen paying for cable or getting the security alarm activated, the choice should be obvious.

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If you ever see a light out in the halls, then notify maintenance immediately. You are entitled to a safe complex by law and lighting is one of those entitlements.

Living in an apartment means you are relying on the common sense of your neighbors. That could mean a big risk for you, so make sure that you can do everything in your power to make your apartment home safe from the mistakes of your neighbors.

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